Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Dolores "D." Willis. I'm a retired Department of Army Civil Service employee who traveled the world in support of our Armed Forces for over 32 years. I started at the bottom and worked my way up the "corporate ladder," getting a B.S. degree in Business Management along the way, and raising a beautiful daughter as a single parent.


Life seemed good for many years, going and doing everything that I possibly could. But, after many years of working long hours, never being able to say "no" at work, and the pressures at home, the stress finally took its toll. My body had finally had enough and let me know it. Faced with a major health crisis, I went through all of the emotions, asked myself many hard life questions, and slowly started reassessing my long list of priorities.


I also did the normal western medicine approach by following doctors' recommendations and feeding my body with various medications. But, I still felt miserable – physically and emotionally.


Finally, I had enough. I changed my attitude, took control of my life, and started looking at alternative ways to feed my soul. It is one of the best things I've ever done.


I've always been an organizer my whole life, so I started organizing areas of my life that could help reduce the stress. I then realized that I needed to look within to figure out how I could feel better, live healthier, and be happier. For almost two decades of studying and practicing a holistic approach to living, alternative medicine, clearing physical and emotional clutter that held me in the past, and becoming a certified Feng Shui practitioner, I figured out my true calling.


Not only do I no longer take medication that once had its grip around my entire life, I feel great and love what I do – providing services to others as a certified Feng Shui consultant, clutter clearer, and alternative wellness practitioner.


Whether it's balancing one's sacred space, assisting clients in letting go of clutter, simplifying one's life, or providing an alternative approach in dealing with life's stressors, helping others to breathe, balance, and connect in life's journey is what it's all about.


I look forward to enriching the lives of those on the path to holistic wellness, harmony, and abundance.